Frequently asked questions

Why isn't my mod in your list?
Maybe you didn't submit it. Or if you did, it may not be listed because there's hardly any content for people to see or you only have a forum.

Mod X was listed, but now it's disappeared. What's the haps there?
We take down links to mods we think are 'dead'. We usually deem a mod dead if there has been no update on the site for over 6 months, or indeed if there is a news item entitled 'We're dead'

Why do some mods not have screenshots/descriptions?
Quite simply some mods haven't released any screenshots. We tend not to put model or weapon renders instead of in-game shots, because they are not as good an indicator of a mods quality. There are a few mods with no 'descriptions', this is usually because (a) the 'about' page of the mod's site gives too lengthy detail which is difficult to summarise, (b) it's a foreign site and we don't speak foreign, or (c) there was no description found or given on submission.

Can anyone submit mods?
Yep. We prefer the people behind the mods to contact us, because they are more likely to provide accurate details and a screenshot they want shown. However, anyone visiting the site who notices we haven't got one listed can also use the submit page. We may then contact the development team to check the details before adding it.

I found a broken link. What on earth can I do about it?
You can help us tidy our listings by submitting an error report. If you find a broken link, a dead mod, inaccurate descriptions or something like that, please use the 'Found an error...' link below the description of the mod in question. We will be eternally grateful.

Can you list Half-Life 1 mods too please?
Nope, sorry - hence